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Welcome to the Bn4es Business Course and Workshop Center. On this page you will find a list of highly recommended professional business and business-related courses and workshops given by members of the Bn4es networking group.

Browse through the list to find the course(s) or workshop(s) suited to your business needs and click the link to the lecturer’s site for full details. Please contact the lecturer directly to discuss pricing and scheduling and at that time please tell the lecturer you found their information on the Bn4es website.

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Yochi Eisner, owner of YE Associates,

is a marketing strategy and social media consultant, lecturer and trainer.  Yochi provides a range of business, marketing and salesseminars and workshops to businesses and networking groups, including  branding and messaging for today’s market place, effective social media marketing, blogging A-Z, elevator speech techniques, and more (, in English and Hebrew.

Please contact Yochi directly for full information, pricing and scheduling or Call 052-3413249

Steve Spinner – Website Designer and Developer

Steve has been designer and developing websites since the 1990’s. Specializing in B2B websites, Steve can show you, through years of experience, just what to do and what not to do, in order to make your website an effective tool for marketing.

Techniques for improving your rank in Google are always of interest. Caught between the high price of an SEO company’s monthly retainer and doing nothing, Steve will explain how you can DIY to improve your ranking. (click here for an intro)

Contact Steve for additional information, pricing and scheduling.

Contacting Me or call: Call 054 4745 713