Leah Prejserowicz

Working with horses from the ground as a way to improve relationships between people. With over 10 years experience as a therapist and group facilitator working with people from all walks of life.
Whether experiencing a Teambuilding workshop, improving Leadership capabilities or dealing with a more personal issue such as a challenging parent-child relationship, anxieties, loneliness or depression, the horses allow us to improve our relationships through experiential learning, problem-solving and deep discussions. Non-conventional and unique yet extremely informative and life-changing.
Horses are incredibly sensitive animals, picking up on non-verbal cues – a significant part of our communication skills that we aren’t always aware of. Whether improving group dynamics or working on personal development, the Boutique ranch in Beit Yehoshua allows for a comfortable, intimate setting. Just minutes from the city life, central and accessible by train the ranch offers nature and a feeling of Chutz La’aretz for personal and professional growth.
Our services:
Teambuilding workshops – available for companies, teams, or adult birthday events.
Leadership development – individual or for managers at all levels.
Therapy – mothers, single women or parental guidance.